Why Viet Nam?

Why the interest in Vietnam?

  • Worldwide Companies are seeking new primary and secondary sources for low cost manufacturing and supply bases.
  • The China factor (China Plus One Strategy) of increasing production costs, removal of incentives, rising foreign exchange rates, new employment protection laws and political uncertainty have effected the bottom-line of Buyers everywhere.
  • Vietnam represents a “first mover opportunity” for those who want to make the investment in time, energy and money.
  • Vietnam represents both import and export opportunities.

Facts and Figures of Vietnam

Downtown Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam

  • Full Name Socialist Republic of Vietnam
  • Population 97.7 million people (est. 2019)
  • Capital Hanoi
  • Largest City Ho Chi Minh City
  • Area 329,247 sq km (127,123 sq miles)
  • Major Language Vietnamese
  • Major religion Buddhism
  • Life Expectancy 69 yrs (men), 74 yrs (women)
  • Monetary Unit
    Dong (VND) 22,700 VND = $ 1.00 USD
  • Main Exports Textiles, Garments, Furniture, Metalworks, Rubber, Rice, Tea, Coffee, Petroleum, Seafood, Plastics
  • GNI per Capita $2,200 USD (2017)
  • Internet Domain .vn
  • International Dialing Code (Saigon) +84 28

Da Nang City, Vietnam

Invest in Vietnam

Population Age

  • 0 – 14 = 24.9%
  • 14 – 64 = 69.4%
  • 65+ = 5.7%
  • Median Age is 27.4 years old, thus a young ambitious workforce

Business Environment

  • Stable and equal socio-political environment
  • Competitive cost of labor
  • Foreign Direct Investment strongly supported by Government
  • Main investors … USA, Japan, Singapore Taiwan, South Korea and Hong Kong

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